6 Swell Ways To Brainstorm Business Ideas

“I Quit!”—how many times have you imagined saying this to your boss?

6 Swell Ways To Brainstorm Business Ideas

We have all thought of this at some point in life, haven’t we? And if you never had to come across or even think of such an idea, consider yourself lucky. 

Having a business idea that enables you to quit your job is rare. So, how do you brainstorm such ideas? Keep going through this article, and you will discover 6 swell ways to brainstorm business ideas.  swell ways to brainstorm business ideas. 

What Is Brainstorming? 

What is Brainstorming? - 6 Swell Ways To Brainstorm Business Ideas

Brainstorming is a process where you jot down spontaneous ideas and solutions to problems. No idea is stupid. You have a key concept in the middle of all the tiny pictures you can think of — tiny little ideas surrounding your lightbulb. 

Brainstorming methods might be as simple as drafting a list or as complex as creating a mind map. It usually occurs in the early stages of a project to generate many ideas to aid in the definition of the problem and all possible creative solutions. 

How To Brainstorm Killer Business Ideas? 

How to brainstorm killer business ideas? - 6 Swell Ways To Brainstorm Business Ideas

Here is a list of things that you can do to brainstorm killer business ideas.

1. Answer Yourself: What Is Your Purpose? 

Why do you want to have your own business idea? Why is it important? Why do you want to achieve this? 

Usually, the purpose is linked with what you enjoy doing and what are you good at. Therefore, you need to build something that you want so that later when you run your business with that idea, you will love it. 

Keep asking whys. Why is there a problem? Why would your idea be essential to the problem? Why did not this idea already exist before? The whys you ask yourself are countless, so should your answers be. 

2. Wander Away – Let Your Mind Be Free

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of generating any business idea. So let your mind be free and wander off. Imagination is more robust when there is freedom – freedom of expression and freedom of thinking. 

Allow your imagination to guide you through the process of bringing in that new, crazy, and fantastic idea. Explore yourself, observe things, be present. Do something that would make you feel at peace; it will help you open your mind to disruptive and creative ideas. 

3. Research Every Nooks And Corner 

Researching your ideas and problems will only help you be more visible and present. Moreover, research is essential to help you gain more knowledge of the existing market or even the market you want to set up in the coming future. 

Research helps you expand and tap into boundaries and horizons that no one has quite tapped into. When you research and gather a pool of knowledge, it will only help you brainstorm more ideas. 

4. Think – From Six Different Perspectives

Ideating and brainstorming could not have been more fun. One fantastic technique to generate unique ideas without much problem is called the “Six Thinking Hat” technique. First, imagine you have an amazing analogy of a problem. Now, think how a 5-year-old would look into the issue and how the 5-year-old would try to bring out solutions. Similarly, try more and more personas. 

This method is beneficial as it encourages you to wear different hats and think. Look at the problem creatively through different personalities. Think about the good, bad, and worst, and other possible plans and ways to solve one problem. This will give you different perspectives on the same thing. 

5. The How Now Wow Matrix 

The How Now Wow Matrix is an ideal selection tool. 

The How represents ideas that are innovative and original. However, they are not yet feasible to implement. 

The Now represents ideas that are not original and have been in the market but are easy to implement right away. 

The Wow represents ideas that are original but at the same time easy to implement and execute. 

The How Now Wow Matrix - 6 Swell Ways To Brainstorm Business Ideas

The matrix can solve problems, develop new solutions, and improve the overall way of things around. The How Now Wow matrix is a simple and easy-to-use tool for identifying the most exemplary ideas and determining when to execute them. The approach empowers the team to think freely, and the group dynamic capitalizes on that originality to foster game-changing innovation. 

6. Mind Mapping – Map Your Mind Away 

It is no secret that our thoughts are dispersed and scattered everywhere most of the time. A mind map helps you gather those thoughts and enables you to be more organized. There are many mind mapping tools you can find online. To create an organizing structure, start by sketching a core node and connecting it to additional information with lines, symbols, colors, images, and words. 

Mind Map is a diagram that uses a non-linear graphical structure to depict actions, words, concepts, or items related to and grouped around a central idea or subject. It helps the user to create an intuitive framework around a critical notion.


Brainstorming really is just asking questions and giving answers all to yourself and by yourself. Ask as many questions as you can and answer with as many logical, stupid, and rational answers as you can. That is how great ideas are born – the general questions and answers.

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