Vidushi Rana: Biography, Ventures, Husband, Rejuvenating Goldstar

Vidushi Rana: Biography, Ventures, Husband, Rejuvenating Goldstar

Vidushi Rana: Personal Details

Full Name:Vidushi Rana
Profession:CEO and Founder
Date of birth:Not Found
Net worth:Not Found
Height:Not Found
Parents:Not Found

Vidushi Rana: Biography

Rana studied in a convent school and was a hard worker since her childhood even though she was not a good scorer in exams. She was expected to become a dentist but later decided to marry the love of her life at quite a young age.

Her life took a turn after her marriage and she started to be more inclined toward business. She did her bachelors in marketing and branding. She also started getting involved in the family-run business of Goldstar which was passed down to her husband after the death of her father-in-law. Soon her marketing strategies bore fruits and played a huge part in getting Goldstar to where it is now.

Vidushi Rana: Ventures

Rana has been involved in multiple ventures:

  1. Kumari Bank Ltd.
  2. Universal Group
  3. Goldstar Shoes

Vidushi Rana: Husband

Rana is married to Mr. Amir Pratap JB Rana who works as an MD of Kiran Shoes Manufacturers (Goldstar Brand) and Modern Slipper Industries (Haathi Brand).

Vidushi Rana: Rejuvenating Goldstar

Rana is the Director of Marketing and Branding at Goldstar Shoes and has played a major role in revolutionizing the company. She is a strategic thinker who has proven to have great marketing skills and has played a huge role in the increasing popularity of Goldstar in the national and international markets.

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