Cathy Sparks: Biography, Husband, Net Worth

Cathy Sparks: Biography, Husband, Net Worth

Cathy Sparks: Personal Details

Full Name:Cathy Sparks
Alias:Cathy Cote
Profession:Not Found
Date of birth:Not Found
Net worth:More than $1 million
Relationship Status:Divorced
SpouseNicholas Sparks

Cathy Sparks: Biography

There is not much information about Cathy Sparks in public. She is known as the ex-wife of the famous American novelist, screenwriter, and philanthropist, Nicholas Sparks. She is also known to be an inspiration for a lot of Nicholas Sparks’ works.

Cathy Sparks: Husband

Cathy’s ex-husband is Nicholas Sparks who is famously known for writing the romantic novel, the Notebook(1996) which was later adapted into a popular 2004 film of the same name. Some of his other books are:

  1. A Walk to Remember
  2. A Wish
  3. The Beast
  4. The Choice
  5. The Best of Me
  6. Dear John

There are many other novels written by Nicholas Sparks.

Cathy Sparks: Net Worth

There is news that Cathy Sparks paid $1.1million for a North Carolina mansion on December 9, 2015, a month before the two announced they were splitting after 25 years. So, it can be estimated that her net worth is over a million dollars.

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