Min Bahadur Gurung: Biography, Wife, Education, Net Worth

Min Bahadur Gurung: Biography, Wife, Education
Full Name:Min Bahadur Gurung
Profession:Chairman and Managing Director of Bhat-Bhateni Group
Date of birth:Not Found
Net worth:Not Found
Height:Not Found
Parents:Not Found
Relationship Status:Married

Min Bahadur Gurung: Biography

Gurung was born in Khotang to a farmer’s family and had six siblings. Mr. and Mrs. Gurung started a single-shutter grocery shop with an initial investment of Rs. 35,000. Gurung had a successful banking career after completing his Master’s in Economics. However, he wanted to leave this job to lead Bhat-Bhateni to greater heights. His first big accomplishment towards his goal was when he expanded the shop to a supermarket in 1992 having an investment of Nrs. 2500000.

Today, the Bhat-Bhateni supermarket chain is the most popular supermarket chain in Nepal. He has provided employment to around 4500 staff and has daily sales of over Nrs. 3.5 crores. The group has been the largest taxpayer in the retail sector for the last five consecutive years in Nepal.

Min Bahadur Gurung: Wife

Gurung’s wife is Ms. Sabitri Ghale Gurung. She holds a significant amount of shares in the Bhat-Bhateni group and the couple have both put a lot of blood and sweat into making their business successful.

Min Bahadur Gurung: Education

Gurung holds a master’s degree in Economics.

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