Most First-time CEOs Are Building Their First Project Unlike CTOs

I find first-time Nepalese CEOs have a hard time seeing themselves as the leading executive of the company whereas their complementary part, the first-time Nepalese CTO, finds it comfortable enough to see himself/herself as the tech lead of the company.

This is probably due to the fact that Nepalese CTOs have been building multiple tech projects right from their school/college life. Although they might not know their craft at an expert’s level when starting their company, they have gone through the hurdle of building something from scratch and have seen their projects come to fruition tangibly.

However, for most first-time CEOs, it is hard for them to trust themselves in leading their business since in most cases, their business in itself is their first project. Their lack of confidence displays clearly in investor meetings and such and I know what the CEO goes through internally since I was in the same position a couple of years ago.

My take on the situation was to build my first project on my own dime, as small as it may be. I was willing to build projects after projects as long as I could see myself as a seasoned first-time CEO (if that even makes sense). That helped me believe in myself since I saw my projects come to fruition tangibly just like as my CTO’s.

In short, if you’re a Nepalese first-time CEO who comes from either a business/non-business educational background, go easy on yourself—you just started your first project. Do not rush into doing things that the world expects you to do like raising funds or building a profitable business. You’re not there yet and that is the truth.

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