Why Your Decision To Not Leave Nepal Feels Wrong (And, How To Make It Right)

As a Nepalese young adult in tech, you made a conscious decision to not chase short-term gratification or an imminent better lifestyle by making the decision to stay in Nepal and not go abroad for work.

To base your decision, you reasoned yourself into believing that you would like to be there for your family and relatives and go through the prime years of your parent-child relationship as you see your parents age slowly but sadly.

You decided to see life from a 10 years perspective and not from a 3 years perspective. You decided to go for the long game and you felt like you escaped the rat race in doing so.

Three years into building your tech startup in Nepal, your mom calls you when you’re at the office and you feel agitated just by her need to get your attention while you are sadly aware that she doesn’t understand the fact that you’re drowning in money problems.

In those three years, you forgot your fundamentals and you joined a different rat race where you started raising funds, started getting into risky debts, worked 16-18 hours each day and burned all connections with your relatives, and hampered your family time to just make ends meet. You chased money.

There’s a certain irony in that which only the racers can understand. Even if it’s the Grand Prix or the IndyCar series, you’re still part of the open-wheel road racing.

To all that, all I can say is, do not build a business like everyone else. You decided to not chase money and decided to prioritize something else. And yet, you’re again back to desperately chasing quick cash.

Instead of going out to raise funds, learn to make money with no money. Learn to have a < 10-hour work week as a business owner and still thrive. Learn to do things that the world thinks aren’t the right way to run a business and still succeed.

Yes, that is hard. But would you consider going back abroad or rather fixing things here?

Your choice of metric for success is unconventional and therefore, you have to be unconventional up to a certain degree as well. Be wary of falling into the conventional path.

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