Write More As A Founder

I love that more people are now starting to write from the Nepalese perspective of how to think about building a business. That goes as a win on my record.

But, it’s also true that whatever you post on social media will only serve as a two-second brain twister for most and only a minority few will ever actually adopt the insights you share into practice. Truth is, in most cases, none will.

So, instead of being hard on yourself and spending your time focusing on creating content, just document what goes in your head as a CxO/founder. You’ll be happier documenting and sharing your learnings instead of trying to serve an audience who sadly will have an opinion on everything.

Saying that, although documenting in itself is not hard, you also have to realize that documenting for an audience is the hard part. You’ll learn the true weight of the preceding statement as you diversify your content.

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