What’s in my new digital book and what isn’t?

As of now, it has been more than 48 hours since I opened up pre-orders for my new digital book and this has been one of the most fun experiences for me—both as an entrepreneur and a first-time author.

This newsletter write-up shares everything you need to know about the book.

(Click here to pre-order the book if you haven’t already.)

Who benefits the most from this book?

The book aims to serve three categories of Nepalese residents:

  1. Tech Entrepreneurs – People who are selling any kind of tech service be it software-as-a-service, consulting service, agency service, etc.
  2. Tech Freelancers – People who are in search of high-value clients in specific niches.
  3. Tech Students – People who are learning how to not only ‘plan and build’ but also to ‘pitch and sell’.

What I’ve covered in the book

  1. An introduction to the book (Preview Chapter)
  2. How do you package and prepare your solution for international sales considering all your business/personal variables? (Preview Chapter)
  3. How do you transition yourself from a techie to a prolific salesperson while not losing who you are inherently inside? Learn to become a person who can say NO to potential clients if needed.
  4. What are the available ways for you to sell internationally besides general freelancing platforms like Upwork/Fiverr/Toptal, etc.? The book explores more uncommon pathways for approaching international sales in order to maximize your business growth.
  5. How to build an exponentially growing sales organization using the International Sales Framework? Learn the components needed to run a successful business from scratch.
  6. How to create inbound marketing strategies for international sales that maximize business results in the shortest amount of time? Stop writing 100 company blogs or putting up 500 pieces of content on YouTube to get international clients. There are better strategies available for you to deploy in the book.
  7. How to deploy outbound marketing strategies that work like a charm for getting a foreign client’s attention as well as dime? Learn to bring clients profitably into your business.
  8. How to handle each and every sale call following the Sales Call Manifesto while seeing the world from a place of abundance?
  9. How to better serve your clients after a sale has been made and turn them into your business evangelist?

What I’ve intentionally left out from the book

1. Things that you can easily search on the internet: How to build a company blog? How to build a LinkedIn profile? etc.

These are tactics whose effectiveness changes with time. Instead, I’ve shared strategies that will serve you over an extended period.

2. Things that you can learn from YouTube videos and other sales books. I’ve intentionally left out things that are already shared in the outside world.

This book is different from other sales resources since it talks about international sales from the perspective of a Nepalese tech entrepreneur and is a first of its kind.

Perks of Pre-Ordering By December 16: Get Access To Free Private Group Business Coaching Class

In appreciation of your support, I will be conducting a free private group business coaching class later this month for people who pre-order the book by December 16. This is a one-time-only event.

(Click here to pre-order the book if you haven’t already.)

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