TikTok For Long-Term Growth

Chasing TikTok as a business for reach isn’t the best idea when reach starts dropping five years into the future just like with Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Instead, chasing TikTok as a business for providing value-driven educational content will help your content last for longer periods of time looking into the future.

I’ll go into the far-field and state that this is another motivation for why you should experiment with diversifying your TikTok hiring hoping that the bias you’ve acquired of knowing female-voiced content gets more reach on the platform doesn’t keep you under the rock for the bigger picture.

When education becomes more important for users on the platform than entertainment, men will start following men-voiced content and female will start following female-voiced content since the content they expect from the two differs. This is a genetically driven thing.

Also, I’ve already developed a habit of skipping entertainment-related content on TikTok hoping the algorithm will not keep me in that loop. I guess you might have already been doing that as well. Not a lot of time before everyone starts doing it and TikTok updates its algorithm.

Too much to think about but taking it one step at a time.

Note: Taking YouTube’s history as a comparison point will be misleading at times even though both are video platforms so I don’t want to bring it up here. Will expand on it maybe in a future post.

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