Everyone Is Dispensible, Sooner Or Later

In Nepal, we’ve already seen a wave of employees who have become dispensable since they are not exceptional at what they do—no matter what the job is.

A waiter who knows how to charm a hungry waiting customer is preferred over a waiter who just waits tables. The core of the job is the same and both waiters do the same job but who gets laid off during an economical crisis is easily assessable.

In the next wave of crisis, we’ll see entrepreneurs and top execs getting fired from their own companies if they do not put in the effort to become exceptional. The decision to lay off can come from a majority investor or a co-founder who just finds the over-time lack of insight frustrating. Business is always brutal.

This has already been going on in new startups. All in time that big Nepalese enterprises start joining the trend. As exceptional entrepreneurs are discovered, the good entrepreneurs of today will be treated as mediocre ones.

That is how the cycle works.

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