My Last 3 Years

Over the last 3 years, I counted to have executed over 20 different business ideas. About 5 different ideas succeeded monetarily. My business partners can stand testament to that.

Less than a lakh rupees spent in total investment. Yet, we made more than the opportunity cost in terms of our learnings and finances.

Now, I’m going completely far field and putting in large monetary investments to allow other people to experiment on my behalf.

I tested over 10 different ideas in just the last 3 months. This time I don’t have any business partners who can stand testament for that. My mental peace speaks for me.

Speed of ideation plus speed of execution is key in order to succeed as an entrepreneur where time is diluted; where a 24 year old starts to need sounding like a 44 year old in order to be able to think and execute like one.

All for building one visionary company. Haven’t even reached the base camp yet. The climb to the peak is still far.

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