Detaching Pride And Re-Attaching It To Your Creation

As people detach their pride from themselves and re-attach it onto their living creations, they restrict the boundaries of the creation—be it their children or their company.

Children can be so much more than their parent’s intellectual fret board. Companies can be so much more than the shell of the founder’s intellectual fret board.

Separating pride out of the mix allows one to see their living creation fail and yet find happiness in their failures looking at the bigger picture. You’ll still love your child and your company no matter who or what they become because it was you who brought their existence onto the world. Without you, no one would have felt the effect of their existence, be it good or bad.

However, it can never be your choice to decide on what they should be to fill your pride. They are living creations for a reason and like all things in nature, control is out of your control sooner or later.

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