Building Confidence Talking To Venture Capital Fund Managers

As a Nepalese entrepreneur, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed talking valuation with a Venture Capital (VC) fund manager just because they have the money, expertise, and the network to get your business to the next stage.

Building Confidence Talking To Venture Capital Fund Managers

VCs need to invest their funds as soon as possible into sorted out entrepreneurs and viable businesses so you actually have the upper ground during negotiation given that you have a good business and know your craft better than anyone. There aren’t many such entrepreneurs and businesses in the market as you may think.

Also, in the realm of fundraising, understanding that the world is a place of abundance goes a long way for both entrepreneurs as well as investors alike.

But, do remember that there will always be a pair of shoes that will fit you the best and you will like the most. It is better to compromise here (if only necessary) than to strive for the best deal possible.

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