Becoming A Human Of Expertise

A gentle note to young Nepalese first-time founders who are barely making minimum wage through their businesses:

In Nepal, it takes decades to become the CEO of a class-A commercial bank and to have an active yearly income of USD $100,000+.

However, it takes less than 5 years to become a competent programmer and to make an active yearly income of USD $100,000+ working remotely for foreign companies.

But, whom would you value more as an insightful individual? The bank’s CEO.

Who would you rather become? Will leave that for you to answer.

The Nepalese society isn’t short on free thinkers. It’s short on people who can express their thoughts backed by actual insights.

Today, your struggle as a first-time founder is not for yourself but for the future generations of young Nepalese entrepreneurs who will come after you. Only when you struggle, only then can you understand and help numb their pain.

Also, to keep your hopes up, you may earn minimum wage for 5 years and suddenly start making what the top 1% earns in a year’s time. That is what happens to people who are in the business of expertise.

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