Advice From A Veteran Entrepreneur To A Newbie

In my first week of joining Tootle, I remember the first question I asked Sixit Bhatta sir was “How do I become a great CEO ten years down the line?”.

His reply was, “By asking the right questions which you’ve already started doing at a very young age.”

My second question was, “How do I sit within a room full of experienced CEOs and still have my opinion heard?”

His reply was, “By acknowledging that you’re young and you may not have the level of insights the people in the room may carry but still your opinion on the subject may be helpful to add to the discussion happening in the room.”

These two replies from him (who I still admire very much as a thoughtful CEO) have shaped my life in ways I cannot explain. Now, I’m doing my role in helping those who come after me just as he did back then to a 19-year-old super ambitious kid.

You should too if you get the chance. Feels good.

Note: I may be mixing up the words here and there but that is how I remember it.

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