4 Ways Meditation Serves As A Tool To Help Entrepreneurs

Usually, when we think of meditation, we either connect it with religion or spirituality. We can relate it with the material world as well as it helps in focusing on personal goals. There are various types of meditation and faith-based meditation is a part of it. Studying Buddhism and Hinduism for the last few months has made me connect meditation with the modern business world and organizational culture.

Entrepreneurship is a skill of multitasking that requires arduous skill and for that meditation is helpful because it can improve cognition and help business owners both small-medium enterprises and corporations to cogitate on their decision-making. Meditation boosts mindfulness and helps to mastermind personal productivity and a sense of clarity.

4 Ways Meditation Serves As A Tool To Help Entrepreneurs

With the work pressure and various constant thought processes that occur in the mind of an entrepreneur, there are higher chances of them going to issues like sleep deprivation leading to a downgrading of strategic management. Meditation helps to control the thoughts and not let your mind be in a state of restlessness where one may also fail to manage worklife balance.

Entrepreneurs Need Emotional Stability

Emotions are the cornerstone of entrepreneurs and they need emotional stability as well. Meditation is a routinely based practice that helps to overcome emotions by being aware of them. Entrepreneurs can see through the streams of thought and apply detachment to the river of worries because they can convince their minds that not everything is under their control.

This lessens the systematic behavior of an Entrepreneur i.e., taking the burden and worrying about it results in the future. This mostly occurs to the start-up entrepreneurs who are fearing for failure and are even abstaining from giving it a try.

Entrepreneurs Need Emotional Stability - 4 Ways Meditation Serves As A Tool To Help Entrepreneurs

Like Krishna states to Arjuna in Gita, do not worry about consequences, always put effort into your present actions with full commitment and passion we should be more concerned with our present rather than the future.

We can abstain from taking proper action at the present but we cannot abstain from the consequences. If Entrepreneurs are successful in controlling their emotions and doing their work unhindered by any negative thoughts, the consequences will result in qualitative results and productive output and bolster reputation management.

How does Meditation Help You in Your Mental Battlefield?

How Meditation Helps You in Your Mental Battlefield? - 4 Ways Meditation Serves As A Tool To Help Entrepreneurs

Here is a list of things that meditation helps you in your mental battlefield:

1. Stops Pessimistic Thoughts

Meditation helps entrepreneurs to avoid dwelling underwater in the ocean of negative thoughts and be stable monks meditating above not caring about the moving waves like our thoughts. If tranquility of mind is achieved so does success in life.

2. Tames Your Mind

Acceptance of various feelings is an important part for an entrepreneur where they start to think before they act or speak. Realization of thoughts and the emotional pattern will help them not only control the situation but also give them the power to divert the situation. Talking to the aggressive client by responding with calmness is more likely to make the client pacified.

3. Eliminates Distraction

Meditation is an art where we can craft the skill of learning to focus and lessen our thoughts putting a lesser impact on our thinking process. With this, entrepreneurs can focus on what they should do and worry less by controlling emotions. Elimination of distraction is a boon to the entrepreneurial mind as it helps to focus more and cogitate on every activity they are doing.

4. Unleashes the Creative Side

With deeper meditation, one can slay negative thoughts and be in a state of blissfulness bringing forth creativity from within. Entrepreneurship is also an art of creation where one has to create or bring forth an idea. This will be undisturbed if the entrepreneur learns to open the door of creativity by staining negative thoughts during meditating

Being In The State Of Tranquility As An Entrepreneur

Being in the State Of Tranquility - 4 Ways Meditation Serves As A Tool To Help Entrepreneurs

It’s very important for entrepreneurs to de-stress, if not they will go through anxieties that will crumble their confidence and the motivational factor that drives them to make an effort to be committed towards their work. It is really important for them to understand their subconscious mind by acknowledging fears and worries that get seeded in the entrepreneurs’ minds.

Accepting mistakes and not being fearful of facing failure is one big step to moving forward, however, the bubbles of negative thoughts that arise in the mind need to be burst one by one for which, meditation is really important. To bring a magnificent idea, it is important for our brain to be relaxed and think deeply without being disturbed by any thoughts.

Ray Dalio, who is the founder of Bridgewater Associates in his book ‘Principles’, agrees that meditation has been helpful to him during stressful times, and has been meditating constantly. If we look up the interview of Mare Benioff who is the co-founder of salesforce.com she also suggested meditation as a tool to keep her head clear stating she’s been doing it for a decade.

Hippocampus is an essential part of our brain as it helps to run memory and also is crucial if we want to learn new things because it plays role in giving us that ability. Meditation in scientific research has been proven to increase the cortical thickness in the hippocampus aiding people in long-term memory. With meditation, there are no doubt entrepreneurs can ward off their negative thoughts and open door of creativity among them helping in both professional and personal life.  

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