360 Degree Marketing Plan To Turn The Tables 180 Degrees

Imagine a marketing plan that reaches everywhere possible. That is a 360 Degree Marketing Plan.

A 360 Degree Marketing Plan is important as it can go beyond and maybe get you more potential consumers and customers. Successfully putting everything together will ensure that your business has increased visibility and credibility. 

360 Degree Marketing Plan To Turn The Tables 180 Degrees

When your marketing is widespread and cohesive, your business’s presence is more valued and is more strategically aligned. In this article, let’s go over how to develop a 360-degree marketing plan to boost your business growth.

What Is 360 Degree Marketing? 

To be present everywhere in marketing, a business needs to approach more holistic and end-to-end cultivation of its brand. To be so widespread, you need to be concise and do a comprehensive analysis of your business, the market, your consumers, and your potential customers. 

What Is 360 Degree Marketing? - 360 Degree Marketing Plan To Turn The Tables 180 Degrees

Whether you have a new lead, are in the exploration stage, or you’re ready to convert, 360-degree marketing is meant to provide the most exemplary possible path to the customer’s brand journey and experience. To be able to do all this? First, you need to make your business presence across – the online and offline channels. This will help you reach potential clients and help you to close all the gaps that exist and may have lived in the past, present, and will in the future. 

Online Marketing – The New Way To Be Found

Your building blocks to success in the online world are spread across and all over. In the case of online marketing, to make your marketing 360, there are some steps: 

1. Effective Website 

Are you present online? Do you have a website? A well-designed website is like a wingman to your business – your best salesperson.

Most of the time, people tend to research a business before getting involved with the company, whether that is as a supplier, as a consumer, or even as an investor and business partner. Having an effective website is like finding you in an ocean filled with hundreds and millions of things. When you’re easy to find, your visibility gets increased, meaning that you will have more grounds covered in terms of being customers’ first choice. 

When someone visits your website, they should be 100% clear on who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why they should be engaged with your business. 

We, as a consumer, only get involved with products and services that benefit us. So, as a business and as a business with an effective website, you need to be able to convince people, consumers, and potential customers to buy your products and services because it is for them.

2. Social Media 

Anyone and everyone are on social media – it is one of the most crucial modern-day marketing resources. You can communicate directly with present and future consumers at any time. The gap does not exist anymore. 

Be present on social media to follow your consumers and their behavioral patterns. When a business is on social media constantly, they get to see and analyze their consumers’ needs and wants, firsthand. Not just studying the consumers, companies that are actively present on social media can gain more and more loyal consumers and potential customers every day.

If you as a business are consistent with your social media postings, humanizing your brand more through stories and concepts that you present on social media, your brand visibility, brand loyalty, and brand engagement increase overnight. If you can make viral content, your brand will get shares and re-shares repeatedly all over the global platform.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy And Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising 

Search engine optimization is like a wizard – it helps you get discovered on the Internet. 

The Internet is vast, meaning, it’s tough to find one particular business, product, or service. However, having a good search engine optimization strategy will make you stand out in such an ocean of things.

In general terms, a good SEO strategy will help your business pull in consumers. You as a business are not making content on the Internet for computers. You are creating content and engagement posts for a particular set of the target audience. Use keywords that make sense to users; have contents that engage and connect with your users, and have web analytics — to analyze everything and figure out all the good and bad happening.

Pay-per-click advertising basically drives traffic to your website. As in the name, you would have to pay with every click you get on your website. PPC is measurable and trackable, which gives you more coverage of your user data. 

4. Email Marketing 

Poke your consumers and potential customers constantly to always be reminded about your existence. Of course, this should be done in a sensible way where nobody feels offended or annoyed. But, email marketing is one of the most critical ways to always keep your consumers reminded about you. 

You can send monthly or weekly newsletters, and remind them about discounts and offers on specific products or services from your business. You can also remind your consumers if they have left something unattended over the carts or anything in particular.

Offline Marketing – Still Not Dead 

Even though we have come a long way from just billboard advertisements and pamphlets flying all over the road, the traditional way of marketing has not dissolved completely. 

Traditional marketing is still one of the most essential parts of the marketing mix for any business. It is the tried, tested, and proven method of lead generation and promoting your business worldwide. Offline marketing can still bring a massive amount of clients because there is still a little hesitation regarding online marketing to an older generation of consumers.

Building a good CSR and building good fun interactive pamphlets can still bring in hundreds of consumers every day for any business. When it means to go 360 marketing, it does not just apply to being online and present; it also means being offline and presenting.


If you ever doubt whether 360 marketing is essential for a business or if it is worth your time, the answer is always yes. Marketing is one of the most critical and crucial parts of your business that will help your business grow.

Even if you have a perfect finance team or even if you have an ideal strategy, and even if you have an immaculate idea for your business that people want and need if you don’t have a good marketing plan that is going to visualize your brand all over the market, your business can never grow after a certain point.

To generate more revenue and bring in more profit for your business, it is essential to be able to be everywhere.

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