Ranting As A Nepalese Entrepreneur / Investor

In Nepal, I’m unable to get an NFT that would have cost me $1000 and is now $1M+. I realize I missed the Bitcoin wave but this was a wave I could have easily latched on—not only as a trader but as a businessman.

The Nepalese Central Bank’s aim to stay in power as a centralized entity by banning crypto feels like a dictator trying all desperate measures before its reign ends and now the bank wants to enforce its own digital currency on people.

The shame in living in a controlled economy is immense when I converse with foreign nationals. We can’t even accept money from global payout methods such as Paypal yet and here we are worrying about our depleting foreign currency reserve while we’re doing very little on exporting our country’s digital skills at scale. 🤦

All Nepalese individuals would have been able to build side hustles using things like affiliate marketing, digital e-commerce and such by just allowing us to accept our payments from globally accepted payout methods. But, nope.

Also, the import/export ratio is a joke created by some inefficient ‘experts’ who are like a kid in the candy store; people who only know how to spend so that they can put a few notes in their own pocket when daddy’s not looking. I’m realizing more and more that the people in the top are not as capable as I thought they were.

Only a few who actually know how to build a candy store are never in power because they are very direct in their method of work. And, that doesn’t work in Nepal.

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