Karna Shakya Biography, Net Worth, Books, Hotels

Karna Shakya Biography, Net Worth, Books, Hotels
Karna Shakya

Karna Shakya: Personal Details

Full Name:Karna Shakya
Profession:Entrepreneur, Writer
Date of birth:April 2, 1943
Age:79 years (As of 2022)
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Net worth:Approx. 3-5 Million USD
Height:5 Feet 8 Inches
Relationship Status:Married
Parents:Siddhi Bahadur Sakya, Buddha Maya Sakya
Spouse:Sushila Sakya

Karna Shakya: Biography

Karna Shakya born on April 2, 1943, is a Nepalese environmentalist, conservationist, hotel entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. Shakya is a forester by academic qualification. He served as a wildlife officer and pioneered the establishment of the first National Park in Nepal. He resigned from his government job, entered the tourism business in 1970, and now owns a chain of eco-friendly hotels in major touristic cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini.

In Nepal, Shakya worked as a wildlife conservation officer. He visited far-off places in Nepal’s northern regions, including Dolpa, Mustang, Manang, Jomsom, Humla, and Jumla, while he was employed by the department of forests. In the Assam jungle and the Sundar Kundar forest in East Nepal, he researched the pygmy hog, the tiniest wild boar. He wrote two novels, Dolpo and Look Down Not Up, based on his study and experiences. In collaboration with Dr. Linda Griffith, he wrote a book titled “Tales of Kathmandu” from the various folktales he collected while traveling.

Karna Shakya: Wife

Karna Shakya was married to Sushila Sakya and they are blessed with 5 children, Sunil Sakya, Susan Sakya Bajracharya, Rajan Sakya and Trishagni Sakya.

Karna Shakya with Sushila sakya

Karna Shakya: Net Worth

Karna Shakya’s net worth is estimated to be around 3-5 million USD mostly accumulated from his eco-friendly hotels under KGH (Kathmandu Guest House) Group in Chitwan, Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Lumbini.

Karna Shakya: Ventures

Karna Shakya’s KGH Group is a big player in the Hospitality Industry of Nepal. Some of the ventures under KGH Group are:

  1. Kathmandu Guest House
  2. Park Village Resort
  3. Water Front Resort
  4. Himalayan Front Hotel
  5. Maruni Sanctuary Lodge
  6. Buddha Maya Garden Resort

Karna Shakya: Books

1. Soch

Soch is a kaleidoscope that displays the pattern of perception and thoughts. It helps us distinguish many faces of truth, empowering a sense of justice and it increases the power of positive thinking. Anxiety and skepticism when reigning high, the disillusioned society needs to be resuscitated with morale, confidence, and trust.

2. Khoj

The book is brave and fluent in its thought and presented well. The book keeps a firm grasp on the reader from the first to the last page. The book has answers to many questions and has a socio-political theme. The presentation and writing are charming and easily understandable.

3. Ma Sakchhu

Successful entrepreneurs are like bees. They are laborers for life and work towards contributing the society and community. This is a guidebook for such want-to-be entrepreneurs. This book has a profile of some 35 successful entrepreneurs of Nepal.

4. All the Best

This is a non-fiction book about entrepreneurship, a book about self-exploration and opportunities in Nepal, written admiringly in a simple and constructive way.

5. Moj

In this book, he talks about happiness, satisfaction, and contentment.

6. Kosh

Life is not only complex, but it is also easy. We can make it as we want it. This is the attitude of Karna Shakya. Shakya in this motivates people to do something with their life but also gives a sense of life after death. And that same motivation drives people to do good deeds. 

Karna Shakya: Education

Shakya graduated from the Indian Forest College in Dehradun, India, with an AIFC postgraduate degree in forestry in 1967. He obtained specialized conservation training in forest management through the Colombo Plan in Canberra, Australia, and through the Department of Interior in various National Parks across North America.

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