Gyanendra Shah Net Worth, Family, Education

Gyanendra Shah Net Worth, Family, Education
Gyanendra Shah

Gyanendra Shah: Personal Details

Full Name:Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah
Profession:Former Monarch, Entrepreneur
Date of birth:July 7, 1947
Age:75 years (As of 2022)
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Net worth:58 Million USD
Height:5 Feet 10 Inches
Relationship Status:Married
Parents:Mahendra Shah, Indra Rajya Laxmi Devi
Spouse:Komal Rajya Lakshmi Devi Shah
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Gyanendra Shah: Biography

Gyanendra Shah, the former monarch ruled as the final king of Nepal from 2001 to 2008. When his grandpa Tribhuvan sought political shelter in India together with the rest of his family in 1950–1951, he served as the country’s young monarch for a brief period. After the 2001 massacre of the Nepalese royal family, his second reign began. Gyanendra Shah, the final ruler of the Shah dynasty of Nepal, is the first monarch to reign twice in the country’s history. He was dethroned in 2008 when the Constituent Assembly declared the nation the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

Even after the then Nepali Government nationalized all the properties he inherited from his late brother King Birendra, Gyanendra retained all of his personal wealth before his enthronement.

He now holds a 40% stake in Soaltee Hotel, a 54% stake in Himalayan Goodricke, a 39% stake in Surya Nepal Tobacco, and significant stakes in Annapurna Hotels.

The former king has invested in large tea plantations in Itahari, Himal International Power Corporation, Jyoti spinning mill in Birgunj, Laxmi Rosin Turpentine Pvt Ltd, Narayanghat brewery, Sirpadi Trading Pvt Ltd, Bhotekoshi power company, Gorkha Lawrie Pvt Ltd, and Amaravati Pvt Ltd.

Gyanendra Shah: Family

On May 1st, 1970, in Kathmandu, Gyanendra wed his second cousin Komal Rajya Lakhsmi Devi. They have two children, Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev and Prerana Rajya Lakshmi Devi Singh.

Gyanendra Shah: Net Worth

King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev’s total net worth is estimated to be around USD 58 Million, making him one of the richest people in Nepal.

Gyanendra Shah: Ventures

  1. Himal International Power Corporation
  2. Jyoti spinning mill in Birgunj
  3. Laxmi Rosin Turpentine Pvt Ltd
  4. Narayanghat brewery
  5. Sirpadi Trading Pvt Ltd
  6. Bhotekoshi power company
  7. Gorkha Lawrie Pvt Ltd
  8. Soaltee Hotel
  9. Himalayan Goodricke
  10. Surya Nepal Tobacco
  11. Annapurna Hotels
  12. Amaravati Pvt Ltd.

Gyanendra Shah: Education

Gyanendra, the second son of King Mahendra (reigned 1955–72), was educated at St. Joseph’s College in Darjiling, India, and graduated in 1969 from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. As the younger son, he was not directly involved in politics or governmental activities during the reigns of his father, Mahendra, and his older brother, Birendra, but he was active in several environmental and conservationist organizations as well as some business firms.

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