Cold Messaging Shouldn’t Be Made Colder

When someone gives you $1000 to help you out, you feel an immense level of gratitude for them. You express it well.

When a thousand different people give you $1000 each to help you out, the gratitude is there yet you cannot openly aim your expression at one single person because you’ll feel that the other people who also donated will feel bad.

This is generally understandable.

However, something that people still don’t think about twice is:

If you’re cold messaging multiple people asking for their advice or help and someone actually does take the time out to help you, don’t disclose that you were messaging multiple people in front of them.

Young guns have a tendency to prove they are smart to the wrong people and often trample on the generosity of the one’s who help them by disclosing that the responder’s reply was just another pushed out straw in the haystack of the cold messaging barn.

You wouldn’t go out and tell your current girlfriend that you messaged other girls before she was the one who finally replied, now would you?

The whole relationship gets sour after that for some people who take such things to heart.

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