How Do We Not Let Ideas Slip Out Of Our Minds As Entrepreneurs?

“It all starts with an idea.”

As Nepalese entrepreneurs, there might be hundreds of ideas crossing our minds. We might fantasize about them one day and forget about them the very next day. 

I think the reason we let ideas slip out of our heads is probably because we do not have clarity on how far we can go with an idea. The truth is, we need to sit with a passing idea for as long as we can make sense of it.

I have been experimenting with various ways to help myself gain clarity on things I have been wanting to work on. And in doing so, one of the most effective ways I have found is to record myself talking about the past, present, and future forms of an idea. 

The goal is to remind ourselves that we can always pick up our phone, choose one idea, hit the record button, and start talking with ourselves about that one idea in depth. This is as equivalent to writing down our thoughts on paper. 

In our recordings, 

  • we can talk about what the idea is, 
  • how the solution presented by the idea is currently being achieved by somebody else
  • which form of the idea can best serve the people we want to serve
  • what are its pros and cons
  • what are the possible ways to execute it, and, 
  • what can be the immediate step one can take if one were to move forward with that idea.

Just talking about our ideas aloud helps us to bring clarity to our thought process around the idea.

And the whole point of doing this exercise is to get across the fog of uncertainty an idea carries, towards a clear and strategic understanding of how to go about bringing it to life.  Because clarity is what it takes to make the jump.