Introduction Topic

Every year, hundreds of young Nepalese adults from the age of 18-21 years old apply to join the British army.

For most of these young adults, getting selected into the British Army is an opportunity of a lifetime allowing them to move from an annual income of USD $5,000 to an annual income of USD $50,000 within a 3-year period. That’s a 10x jump over their average basic salary compared to when they get a regular job working in Nepal! 

With the hope of making a better life for themselves and their family, there are two categories of applicants that you will see in the British Gurkha selection camp:

  1. Applicants who have a background of their family members (fathers, grandfathers, brothers, etc.) serving in the British Army.
  2. Applicants who are the first in their family to even apply to the British Army.

Which category of applicants do you think has a higher chance of getting into the army? 

In reality, it doesn’t matter.

Each applicant applying for the selection process is judged and ranked based on their performance in the selection camp alone. Anyone who performs below par is rejected and is asked to re-apply the next year no matter how far they are into the selection process.

Relating this with entrepreneurship, everyone in life has an opportunity to get a 10x growth in their life no matter their background, ethnicity, etc.

Some first-time founders may think they are privileged to have their family members in business while some first-time may think that they are unfortunate for being the first-generation entrepreneur in their family. However, in reality, it doesn’t matter. 

Those who work hard will succeed sooner than later. Those who perform below par will be asked to re-apply next year.