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Launching the Towards Business Platform

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Pragyan Subedi
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With the realization that I've written over 300+ posts on the Nepalese way of entrepreneurship in the last 6 months, I'll be shifting my new/old writings to the Towards Business platform.
This blog will be serving the same primary objective: the regular documentation of my thoughts building an array of local and global businesses right here from Nepal working in collaboration with multiple entrepreneurs.
Through your messages and comments, I'm happy to know that this documentation style of mine has proved helpful to you so far. So, to make this shift meaningful for you as well, I've added the following new features onto the blog:
a. Internal Search Engine - An internal search engine for searching through my content library. Find the topics you're interested in with just a simple search query.
b. Community Forum - A hub for entrepreneurs to have meaningful Q&A discussions amongst each other fostering business collaboration. I've been helping multiple entrepreneurs with their business related questions through direct messaging and I believe this forum will help me facilitate such insightful founder discussions at scale. In short, ask a question and get answers from a wide range of entrepreneurial viewpoints including mine.
c. Weekly insights newsletter - An email newsletter where I'll share valuable insights that I've personally uncovered connecting with over 100+ entrepreneurs residing in Nepal.
d. Guest Posting - I'm opening up guest posting on the blog for entrepreneurs willing to share their own insights to a high-quality audience base. You'll receive the option to put in 1 dofollow link per post so this would be helpful for you to build your own website's domain authority over the long run. Will be sharing your post through the weekly newsletter as well if found suitable.
What else should I add to the blog to bring value to you? Cheers to the spirit of becoming a better entrepreneur!
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